Restaurant Owners: It’s Your Delivery App… Get it?

Hi there,

It’s been an exciting time starting the munch. delivery app and getting it to where we are today. I wanted to start writing a personal piece in our blog that reflects what we are doing and what this company stands for.  I think the best way to do that is to relay some of the stories from our journey.

This week I attended a local “start up” event in a nearby city.  I talked with lots of people who are passionate about their ideas and we got to talking about munch.  I met a couple – Bonnie and Simon — that ran a catering company in that city.  My thought was, “Great! Perhaps we can do business together!”

I explained that munch. was a platform that connects restaurants with drivers and consumers for mutual gain. They immediately saw a connection and use for their business. Their company does a ton of catered lunches and the delivery really takes them away from the core of the business: preparing the food. They said that having a tool to take orders through a mobile device and then having an accurate real-time view of those orders would cut down on mistakes and also expand the number of catering customers.  “Fantastic!” I thought, “Win-Win!”

However, the one thing they got really passionate about was the same thing that makes me wake up everyday with the drive to push the business forward: I explained to Bonnie and Simon that I developed the platform for them.

“What do you mean” they both asked.

I said, “Look, food delivery apps are inevitable. Even Uber and Amazon are getting in the game. But the one philosophy that we have at munch. is that tech can be used to connect people and businesses together for mutual gain.”

I explained this is THEIR app.  We don’t charge businesses on purpose.  We want to create something that is Win-Win-Win. We want to provide a platform that is all mutual gain with no losers.  Most food delivery apps are causing restaurants headaches as they strip a big portion of their revenues in high commission fees.

Bonnie and Simon got it: they can be in charge of their own destiny partnering with us or suffer lower margins at the hands of the other companies. I got an email from Simon the next day. He went home, used the app and enjoyed a great supper.  BE Catering is now on board with their business.

I love it.  Simon and Bonnie get what we are doing… Do you?


To get the app, go to our homepage.  It is available for IOS or Android.

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