Marketing for Restaurants Made EASY!

Our customers use our services to get more effective engagement and sales.



Let us automate your Social Media ads, so you can get more done.

  • Create media package
  • Create customer profile
  • 4 social media ads per month
  • Performance tracking



Take your ads to the next level and compile a customer list.

  • Basic package
  • 1 strategic video ad campaign
  • Email list compilation
  • Performance tracking



Engage with your customers on a one to one basis monthly.

  • Plus package
  • 1 strategic email campaign
  • Email list managment
  • Performance tracking


More effective than Print media


The performance of our strategies to facebook benchmark


Typical increase in sales for our customers

Restaurants use us to get more for less


Our pricing means you can get 10x the power of Print media at a fraction of the cost


All ours ads & strategies are measurable. Actually see how your $'s are performing


We have developed 100's of strategies & tested them for effectiveness why re-invent the wheel.

Individual Marketer

You get assigned on individual marketer to your specific account.


Strategies are targeted to specific demographics of your ideal customers.

Up to date

We stay up to date with latest social trends & tricks so you don't have to

Audience Creation

We create custom audiences either in facebook or email lists of people interested in what you are offering.


We schedule campaigns to specific time's of the day to maximise effectviness.


Add more compaigns as needed. Got an event that needs marketing let us know and we'll promote it for you.

Our expertise was developed in real life, learning how to drive customers to restaurants for our delivery platform

Print Media


Not targeted

Minimally effective

Hard to Track

Media Ads

Very Expensive

Wide Audience

Time Consuming

Minimally effective

Hard to Track

Social Management



Time Consuming

Brand Awareness

Minimal sales

Strategic Marketing



Specific Promotions


Ad Engagement




Can I add one time only campaigns?

Yes, simply login to your account and click to add an extra campaign, email campaign or ad. Have a special event coming up – tell us about it and we will create the ads for you and promote it.

Can I upgrade/downgrade to a different plan?

Absolutely, simply login to your account and you will see that you can simply update by selecting the necessary plan. The rates are prorated for the current month of use.

Do you create content and ads?

Yes, we will come into your restaurant and create a whole media package that includes video and still photography. We then create great ad content that changes month to month based on this media package. All you have to do is allow us to come in and take the content in your restaurant.

We have Social Media management why would we need your services?

Facebook has recently changed the way people see content in their feeds. They have forced businesses to buy paid ads to get their content in front of their audiences. Ever wondered why the same people always seem to like your pages. This is because they are the only people seeing it! Even a site with 100’s of followers only 2% of that audience will see the related posts. We help you reach the right people to grow your business.

Why do you need facebook advertiser admin rights?

We create the ads for your page. They are all branded with your own brand. We simply need the rights to be able to create ads using your page id. We create the ads schedule them and pay for them.