like food? here’s 3 reasons why you need the munch.™ app now.

here at munch, we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes on the launch of our food delivery app here in our hometown of cobourg. there’s the nuts-and-bolts stuff, like polishing up our coding in the app, and there’s also the exciting things, like discovering new restaurants to sign up, connecting with munchers on twitter and facebook and bringing on amazing drivers. well, the day is finally here, and we’ve launched locally!

if you don’t have munch yet, and you’re wondering what all the fuss is about or why you need us as your food delivery app, let us give you 3 reasons. we bet you’ll be hitting the download button before you get past reason number 1.

because everyone gets tired of “the usual” after a while

you’re in a rush, had unexpected dinner guests arrive when the fridge is empty or you simply don’t feel like cooking. we get it, but we also get that the same old takeout gets boring when it’s your go-to fast-food delivery. imagine getting your favourite spicy pad thai, saucy ribs, or refreshing crisp salad instead. sound good? download munch and start ordering your favourite restaurant foods instead of your dull standby.

we will help you earn extra money. now.

do you have a clean driving record? like people? want to earn some extra cash? then you need the munch app now. As a motivated munch driver, you can earn up to $35 an hour just for delivery delicious food to happy people. After working here at munch hq, being one of our drivers is the best job in the world. we’re always looking for drivers. 

we are truly local

the idea for munch was born in cobourg, ontario and all of our app testing took place locally as well. but most importantly, munch supports small, independent restaurants who want to reach out to new customers. that’s why we don’t charge restaurants to add their menus to the munch app, because we believe that local small businesses need a leg up when trying to spread the word about their fabulous food.

if you’re still here (and we didn’t lose you after saying that you can order your favourite foods from your favourite restaurants), how about we tell you that the app is free?

download munch now and then start sharing your munch experiences with us on twitter and facebook.

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