Got any allergies or intolerances? Your restaurants in the munch community try to be as informative as possible when setting up their menus, but we still need you to let the restaurant know what ingredients you can’t have – we have a ‘ask the kitchen’ box where you can specify these allergies. Although your restaurants try to be as accommodating as possible, they can’t guarantee that your food hasn’t come in contact with a specific ingredient. Sometimes it’s best to play it safe and stick to what you know.

munch fee: digested

how much does munch cost?
munch is free to download in the App Store or Google Play! We offer a flat delivery fee of $5 if you are within 5km of the restaurant that you’re ordering from. If you’re further away than that, don’t panic, its just $0.80 for every extra km. This delivery charge pays our top-notch drivers, so that we can afford to have the best people on wheels. We also add 5% to the cost of your meal, which helps to keep the lights on at munch. Our fee structure allows us to host a broad range of chefs and tastes that are exclusive to munch. The fee also includes your tip, so that the price that you see is exactly the price that you pay when your meal arrives.

do I tip my driver?
We won’t tell you how to spend your hard earned cash, but the delivery charge that you see at checkout includes the tip, the tax, and even the kitchen sink. It’s not necessary to tip our drivers, but if your driver made your experience extra savoury, don’t be afraid to add in a little extra love.

what if I decide to pick-up my meal myself?
Think you can do it better than our drivers? They might get offended, they’re sensitive people, but I am sure they will understand! That’s why we have included the option of take-out at the checkout screen. Simply tap the Pick-Up box and the restaurant will know you’re coming. But remember, shoeless and shirtless is only acceptable in your own living room.

what are my payment options?
You have one. It’s a called a credit card, and it’s the best thing since sliced bread. We are committed to keeping munch. the quickest and most convenient food delivery service in the business. Saving your credit card info into the app keeps you from having to make any transactions at your door. It’s almost too easy. All payments are handled by PayPal, which is the most secure way to exchange funds online.

can I split the payment between multiple munchers?
Not yet, but our in-house chefs are cooking that up as we speak.

munch rating system: 5 sizzling stars

why do I have to rate my meal and driver?
As a muncher, you are always helping us to make sure that your drivers are the best that they can be, and that your restaurants are top notch. Every time you use munch., we ask you to rate both the food that you ordered, and your driver that delivered it. We take your ratings super seriously. It’s all about the best of the best.

ordering: a six course experience
  1. Download the munch app on your smart phone or tablet to sign yourself up as a muncher., and start working up an appetite.
  2. munch. uses the gourmet goodness of GPS to show you the restaurants in your community that are closest to you. Choose your favourite, or choose something new and exciting! If you still don’t see what you’re looking for, just make use of our bite-sized search bar or browse our list of cuisines to find the one that makes your mouth water most.
  3. Tap on a restaurant, cruise through the menu, select something delicious, and toss it into your cart.
  4. Checking out is easy as pie (and we definitely deliver pies). Just enter your payment information and add in any special instructions that could help your order go through as smooth as butter.
  5. Kick back, relax, and imagine how good your food smells cooking! We will update you every step of the way so that you can see exactly how far your munch is from your mouth, in realtime. Keep your notifications on, and your sound turned way up, so that you can hear your device over the sound of your stomach growling.
  6. Somewhere between devouring your dinner and moving onto dessert, we ask that you take a second to give your driver, and your meal, a rating out of five stars. This way, we can make sure that our app gets better with age. Like wine. Or cheese. Mmm, delicious.
smoother orders & shorter delivery times: oiling the pan

how can I make myself easier to find?
The easier it is for your driver to find your door, the sooner you can sink your teeth into some fresh munch. The ‘driver instructions’ box is a sweet tool that you can use to shrink your wait times. Make use of that space to send any helpful info to your driver such as: the buzzer code for your apartment, whether to knock or ring, and what your guard dog’s name is; anything that may help your driver get to your door in one piece. Just be sure to stay clear and concise with the information that you provide.

can I communicate with the kitchen?
The ‘ask the kitchen’ box is the easiest way for you to make special requests to the hard-working kitchen staff that are in charge of making your munch. “I don’t need a bun with my burger” or “please send the salad dressing on the side” are reasonable requests. But please try to keep your requests reasonable and realistic. “I like my steak rare, and not too rare, but just rare enough…” – you can see what we mean. Try not to be a Goldilocks, and we’ll do everything we can to get your order just right.

why is it necessary that I provide my phone number?
We won’t be calling you to try to sell you a boat cruise, if that’s what you’re thinking. Your phone number, along with any other personal information that you provide will only be used to help get your meal to your doorstep. In the event that there’s a hiccup along the order chain, it is super important that the driver and restaurant have access to your digits so they can call you in case of a munch emergency.

how far does munch. deliver?
Even if you lived on The Moon, we would start building a ladder so that you could have dinner delivered from your favourite Terrestrial kitchen. Our drivers will deliver any munch, from any kitchen, to any door. Keep in mind though, that the further away you are from the restaurant, the longer it will take to deliver your munch, and of course the delivery cost will increase.

wait times: unwrapped

can I track my order?
We know you’re hungry, so we’ve made it possible for you to track your order through every step of the munch order chain, in real-time. We know you’re impressed with us, and we are just as proud of ourselves for doing it.

how can I reduce my wait times?
Like a tender, juicy Holiday Goose, all good things take time. However, to find out what you can do on your end to get that meal into your mouth faster, check out smoother orders & shorter delivery times.

what if there are no drivers available?
We take many precautions to ensure that this does not happen. Our main priority is satisfying your stomach as quickly as we can. However, it is possible that during high-volume periods, there may be too many delicious deliveries buzzing throughout the munch community. If all of the drivers are too full to take on new orders, we will notify you and give you the option to either wait for a driver, or to pick the order up yourself.

what if I decide to pick-up my meal myself?
Think you can do it better than our drivers? They might get offended, they’re sensitive people, but I am sure they will understand! That’s why we have included the option of take-out at the checkout screen. Simply tap the Pick-Up box and the restaurant will know you’re coming. But remember, shoeless and shirtless is only acceptable in your own living room.

what should I do while I wait for my order to arrive?

Put your feet up

Play with your dog

Go for a light jog

Like us on Facebook

Give someone a massage

Watch another episode

Check out our last tweet on our Twitter page #munchlife

Think about how you DON’T need to do dishes tonight

Try to learn some yoga

Knit something

Learn a song


Start reading a book you know you won’t finish.

Start planning your next munch.™ order.

when problems arise: the spilled milk protocol



  • what happens if I get more than I ordered?

Every once in a while, life gives you lemonade instead of just lemons. Grab that glass and enjoy it!



  • what if the driver can’t find my door?

As much as our drivers love an adventure, it’s very important to leave any specific instructions for them in the ‘driver instructions’ box so that they can find your doorstep as easily as possible. If all else fails, the driver will have access to your phone number so he can give you a quick call and make sure he is close.



  • what if my food shows up cold?

It shouldn’t. All of our munch drivers are equipped with handy heat bags to keep the food nice and toasty. E-mail us to let us know and we will ensure that it does not happen again.


can we use our own drivers?

If your restaurant has in house drivers they are encouraged to sign up for munch as a driver and will then be able to accept orders made through your restaurant. We cannot guarantee that your orders will only go out with your drivers because once the order is placed the whole munch fleet will be notified.

do i need to include my entire menu on the app?

We strongly recommend that you decide on a smaller sized menu to upload onto munch. You can include your whole menu or specially select a handful of items that will travel well. We all want the customer to receive food at the best quality possible.

how do i get paid?

When you sign up with munch it is mandatory that you set up a PayPal account. Whenever an order is placed as soon as you give the last four digits of the pin code to the driver you will receive the full amount for the food in your account instantly. Standard tax fees apply.

how do i join?

Anyone can join munch! Simply download the app for free off the App Store or Google Play and sign up as a restaurant! Once you’re in, you can add menu items and pictures of the food for munchers to order.

how do we know when a munch order comes through?

Munch can be used on any smartphone or tablet and multiple people can be logged into the same account as once. It is up to you to turn on your devices sound so you can hear/feel the notifications as they come in. We recommend leaving a tablet by your POS station because this is a high traffic area servers will notice if there is an order waiting. Restaurants also have the ability to add themselves to a call list which lets the driver know as soon as the order is placed that the will need to call your restaurant to give a heads up that the munch order is in.

how much does munch cost?

Munch is 100% free and always will be for restaurants.

what if a customer is unsatisfied with the food?

Munch is a portal for munchers, drivers and restaurants to connect, it provides restaurants the service of being able to get their food into hungry homes. If someone is not satisfied with their order you may receive a phone call from your customer. Munch asks all restaurants involved to take responsibility for the food that leaves the restaurant. And it is up to you to decide if an order needs to made right. To make things easier we have included a “re-order” button located in your past orders section so that in the case you would like to send out a “re-order” with the click of a button you can notify our drivers in the area to come pick it up.

what if i have a rotational menu?

No problem! On the app you are able to toggle certain menu items on and off instantly. So if you have a special sandwich on Tuesdays, you could load that menu item into the app and switch it as “active” on Tuesdays.

what if my restaurant is too busy to take munch orders?

We understand every restaurant has their busy periods and we want things to run as smoothly as possible that’s why we have included a master serving button located at the top of the “serving times” page. Once this button is pressed it will show your restaurant as “not serving” on the app.

what if nobody picks up the food?

For an order to be placed, a driver needs to be within 4km of your establishment and accept the job before you even get a notification. This process ensures that every order comes attached with a driver. If for any reason the driver is not within 4km of the restaurant when the food is ready, we will automatically notify our drivers who are within the radius.

why do i have to rate the driver?

As a Restaurant, you will rate our Drivers, so that they can prove how awesome they are. Your ratings are super important to us and will keep us informed if our drivers are doing a great job.


can I have someone else in the car with me while I make deliveries?

We are a professional, respected business and we require that munch be your first priority while signed in to the app. When driving for munch, you are expected to only perform munch business.

how do i get paid?

The same convenient way that millions of other Canadians do: through pay-pal. The munch app is directly linked to your pay-pal account so that when you make an order, you get paid. Pretty easy right? We thought so.

how do i join?

If you’ve got wheels, a full license, and a want to make some extra cash then we want you! We’re always looking to grow the community of dynamic drivers, Download the app on your smartphone or tablet, e-mail info@mymunch.com with the name of your city in the subject line, and start your engines.

how many orders can i take at once?

Drivers can only view New Pick-ups if they are within the 15km radius of the Restaurant that the Order is directed to. Drivers are able to accept as many orders at a time as they wish.

what if I’ve accepted an order but cannot proceed?

By being signed in and accepting the order, you have committed to that delivery. However, if you are unable to proceed with an order due to circumstances beyond your

control please contact the Sales Agent for your region.

suitable reasons include:

  • car problems
  • family emergency
  • personal health concerns
what if the customer checks the order and it is not correct?

The customer then contacts the restaurant and it is up to the restaurant to make the order right.

what if the customer’s not there when I deliver?

If you have knocked three times and you cannot hear anyone inside, try giving the customer a phone call.  If no one answers the phone or door, you will leave the food at the door and take a picture for proof of your delivery, so that you can get paid.

what if there are no deliveries when I want to drive?

The most exciting thing about munch is that we are a brand new and growing company. It’s only realistic to assume there will be some periods of minimal order traffic. Let friends and family know the service is available and help spread the word so we can keep everyone busy!

what if there’s a problem with the food?

Fault of the restaurant
If the order contains the wrong items the customer is unsatisfied, it will be up to the customer to contact the restaurant and the restaurant can deal with it the problem appropriately.

Fault of your own
If the order has been spilled, damaged or opened, the customer will be refunded and you will be responsible for the replacement order.

what is expected of me as a munch driver?

in the car:  no smoking. keep your phone on a charger. obey all traffic laws.

at the restaurant: if the restaurant is busy, wait at the bar for the takeout order. be quick and kind.

at the door: big smiles & a friendly personality. the best part of this process is when the muncher gets their food, and this is where you make that happen!

what is the payment structure?

You will receive 90% of the delivery fee for every delivery made. The funds are transferred directly into the PayPal account you signed up with and can be accessed at any time.