About Us

hello and welcome to munch…

i created munch for a couple of reasons, the first was that lots of my friends, were constantly saying that they wished they could just order up good, nutritional healthy food from their favourite restaurants and not worry if they delivered or not. the problem was that the restaurants didn’t deliver and didn’t want the hassle of hiring delivery guys. so that got me thinking, with todays mobile technologies there must be a way to connect us consumers (munchers) with restaurants and drivers so everyone can win. bang, munch was born!

firstly, we created this app that can bring a community of consumers or as i like to call us munchers, restaurants and drivers together to do exactly that. order food from any restaurant that joins up and get it delivered to your door. everyone wins, restaurants get access to all us munchers, drivers have a new way of making money and we get the beauty of being able to order not just a pizza or chinese food but anything from anywhere…

secondly we wanted to create a platform that was local and a win-win for everyone involved, we think we really have done this. munch, provides a great platform to local entrepreneurs that in turn connect local restaurants with local drivers and local consumers for mutual benefit. the app is free for consumers, restaurants and drivers. munch. adds a small (and we mean small) commission on each order in order to be able to keep the lights on and provide the platform. the rest of the proceeds go to where they should – the consumer, the restaurant and the local drivers.

finally, we have a big belief and culture at munch. that we want to be an active member of our communities. we created our giving back campaign in which we partner with non-profits to raise funds within the community. this is a core belief for us at munch. and giving back really helps us achieve this goal.

please help us get the word out, tell your friends, get your favorite restaurant to sign up, become a driver and earn extra cash or even make it your main job. we are building a community. we have tried to make the app simple, give us some feedback and we will strive to make it better feedback@mymunch.com. we are on a journey!
so please don’t wait, download the app today. tell your friends about us and join our movement.