8 local and drool-worthy foodie Instagrammers to follow right now

We’re not quite sure what we did with our food before Instagram. We might have tweeted about it or maybe put a picture of it on Facebook, but before Instagram, our food was so boring. A burrito without Lark or a pizza without Rise are simply foods just not worth eating. That’s why we’re celebrating Instagram today, and the GTA #foodiesofIG that make pizza, sushi, smoothies, burgers, poutine and burritos look like the works of art they truly are. And after you’re done following our favourite 8, follow us too.

Who: Darryl Koster aka Buster Rhino’s BBQ

Why: At their three Durham region locations, Koster and his crew serve up the juiciest, finger-licking good ribs that you can possibly find north of the border. On Instagram, Koster shares the behind-the-scenes fun (like the smoker in action!) plus pictures of those lip-smacking ribs.

Who: Fat Bastard Burrito

Why: All week on Twitter we’ve raving about burritos and how excited we are to have Fat Bastard on the app. Burritos, the ultimate one-handed comfort food, are celebrated on Fat Bastard’s Instagram, as are cheeky burrito jokes (which we love almost as much as burritos).

battered fish anyone? photocred: @makeupbytess A photo posted by FAT BASTARD BURRITO CO. (@bastardburrito) on

Who: FoodPr0n

Why: We’ll forgive FoodPr0n for not being an Oshawa-based foodie because her Instagram’s are so amazing that we want to eat our phones. But if we ate our phones then we couldn’t use the munch app. But seriously, FoodPr0n shares a wide variety dishes from out and about in local restaurants and from her own kitchen.

Who: Zenia Leung

Why: Zenia zeroes in on the Oshawa food scene on Instagram, with a healthy side of Markham and Toronto too. We adore her super fresh healthy soup shots – especially since there are an even number of wings and pizza pictures to go along with them.


Who: Meltwich Oshawa

Why: We know that Meltwich isn’t on the app (yet; hint, hint) but that doesn’t mean we don’t covet one of their signature grill cheese sandwiches.  Follow Meltwich to learn about their daily specials and for behind-the-scenes videos.


Who: St. Louis Bar & Grill

Why: There are a few reasons why we love St. Louis Bar & Grill: wings, chicken, waffles and poutine. You’ll learn all about their newest creations on Instagram, plus handy tips like how to make your own perfect poutine.

Who: GTA Foodie

Why: The folks behind GTA Foodie put the G in GTA. Their Instagram is truly greater, showcasing a wide range of restaurants and photos from fellow foodies in the Durham and Toronto regions. Tag them (oh, tag us too) and you may be featured.

Red Velvet Cake. Walking by, I had to stop in for some tea and hot chocolate. Servers were friendly and helpful and attentive. The tea and hot chocolate were packaged goods but presented well. Some cakes were definitely bought out of house but went well with overall theme. Tables were cluttered a bit too close but very nicely designed otherwise. The overall cakes and especially macaroons were not up to par to other cafes. The macaroons definitely needed work. But to their credit, the red velvet and fruit cheese cake were heavenly and things like pistachio mousse cake sounded interesting. Overall very cute cafe. Location: Capriccio Cafe at 5379 Yonge Street, near Yonge and finch. #cafe #cake #redvelvet #tea #hotchocolate #beverage #food #macaroons #yonge #finch #toronto #gta A photo posted by GTA Foodie (@gtafoodies) on

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