12 People, Places & Tech Keeping Local Business Booming!

What makes Peterborough so special? We know that our community spirit is off the charts, lending a helping hand to whomever is in need. We know many artists call Peterborough home, drawing inspiration from our beautiful surroundings. We know that Peterborough has the highest percentage of Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Canada. We also know that the life blood of our city’s prosperity is deeply rooted in supporting small business.

Community spirit, arts & entrepreneurs are just a few of the many links in the diverse community chain, that make our city like no other place in Ontario, or even the Country. We consistently lift each other up because we know that one success means a stronger city for all of us.

But do we know who is doing the heavy lifting in bringing our small business to the forefront? What places are offering advice, guidance, and financial support? Or what about the new technology and innovations that are born from this same community support, and are now making local small business more profitable?

‘Tis the season to give back, so in this spirit we’ve come up with our Top 12 People, Places & Tech Keeping Local Business Booming! In no particular order, here they are!


Neil Morton
Neil_MortonDon’t recognize the name? Well, it’s probably safe to say you’ve been living under a rock for a while. Since launching PtboCanada.com in May of 2010, it has become one of Peterborough’s main sources of news, entertainment and all things community love.

Neil continues to put Peterborough on the map, by giving the world a peak into our awesomeness. Him and his team craft engaging local news stories that have garnered national and international attention.

Michelle Ferreri
Michelle_FerreriVIBRANT is the one word we would use to describe Michelle Fererri. Once this former Chex Daily  personality enters a room, it’s immediately evident that she is a force to be reckoned with.

After making her mark on Chex, Michelle left to explore new ventures, the latest being her own blog which has been featured on CTV National, CBC The Current, The Canadian Press and Savvy Mom.

Michelle works with brands, people and corporations she believes in and supports. This has lead to great exposure for many local businesses.

Maryam Monsef
Maryam_MonsefMaryam is widely recognized as one of Peterborough’s most influential people. She was born in Afghanistan where she lived with her family in Herat. She moved to Peterborough in 1996 with her Mother and 2 sisters after fleeing the hostile climate.

Maryam attended Trent University and was involved in numerous fundraising initiatives in the community. After setting her sights on politics, she ran for Mayor in 2014. With experience under her belt and fire in her belly, she accomplished the nomination as Peterborough’s MP, and then was appointed as Minister of Democratic Institutions in Justin Trudeau’s Cabinet.

Through her new appointed positions, Maryam will continue to focus on local business prosperity.  In fact, her new HQ will be in the downtown core – right in the heart of booming small business.

Stu Harrison

Stu-HarrisonSince 2003 Stu Harrison has been the General Manager of the Greater Peterborough Area Chamber of Commerce.

Stu relentlessly works hard to promote and advocate for local businesses. Harrison has a regular column in The Examiner that he uses to promote new businesses in the community and a regular business segment on CHEX-TV.



Peterborough DBIA

Peterborough DBIASpear headed by Executive Director Terry Guiel and Communications Manager Joel Wiebe, the Peterborough Downtown Business Improvement Area (DBIA) represents all of the downtown area businesses.

From promotional efforts, to year long events, festivals and concerts, the DBIA is key in driving in tourists and locals to the downtown core.

Peterborough Angels

Peterborough_AngelsThe Peterborough Region Angel Network (PRAN) brings together individual investors from the Peterborough area. Peterborough Angels combine their wealth of knowledge and experience to collaborate and invest in early stage growth companies.

Peterborough Economic Development

PEDThe folks at Peterborough Economic Development (PED) are made up of a team of dynamic professionals that offer economic expertise that identifies growth opportunities, provides services to existing ventures, and attracts new companies and visitors by sharing the region’s competitive advantages.

Community Futures Development Corporation

CFDCThe mission of the Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC) is to generate and assist in the creation of employment opportunities in the City and County of Peterborough. They accomplish this mission primarily by supporting small business development through flexible financing and business counselling services.

Some impressive stats:Since 1985, the Peterborough CFDC has Invested $26 million in 650+ small businesses,and These 650+ businesses have created or maintained more than 3,300 jobs in the City.

Tech & Innovation

GiveloGivelo is the brain child of Peterborough resident Javier Bravo.

This service allows you to buy gift certificates online for local businesses in Peterborough. Then send them to friends and family by email. Or donate to a local non-profit for yourself or on someone’s behalf. GiveLo makes it easy to give great gifts and support the Peterborough community at the same time!

RibbitWhat the heck is Ribbet you ask? It’s this awesome mobile app with coupons from the coolest local businesses around town. Hop around town with ribbet coupons and find the best deals. try out new things, have fun and save all year round!

Check it out and give it a download

Fast Start
Fast Start
Trent University and its partners are created FastStart, an extra-curricular program that opens the door to entrepreneurship for all students and community members 29 years of age or under.
This ground-breaking new program will support you — whether you’re simply looking to broaden your horizons by exploring entrepreneurship, or you already have an idea or innovation to take to market.

FastStart will increase entrepreneurship skills and an awareness of this type of career path on campus and in the community. It will also help students and community members develop solid business plans and implement them.

MunchMunch is a food ordering app designed to bring a community of consumers or as we like to call “munchers”, restaurants and drivers together to do exactly that. order food from any restaurant that joins up and get it delivered to your door. everyone wins, restaurants get access to munchers, drivers have a new way of making money and we get the beauty of being able to order not just a pizza or chinese food but anything from anywhere.

A number of Peterborough and area locations have already enrolled as Munch restaurants. Download the app now and get munching!

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